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Buying a house is hard.  The New Home Buyers Guide Podcast is HERE TO HELP!

Jeremy’s proven formula’s helped thousands of home buyers win the home buying game. Whether you’re looking for your first home, second home, or you’re a veteran home buyer, YOU’RE NEXT! Use the NHBG’s 9 steps to get organized and unlock the right house for the right price.

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Episode 1 –

What Not to Do

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Episode 2 –

is now the right time to buy a house?

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Episode 3 –

how do realtors get paid?

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Episode 4 –

4 Things to do months before buying a house

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Get $13,000 Free For Your Downpayment

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How To Find Your Credit Score

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How To FiX Your Credit Score

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The Master Checklist – use this to organize your life! It covers the whole process from saving up that down payment to celebrating your home purchase and understanding your fancy new mortgage payments.

How to Find and Fix your Credit – this is such an important part of the home buying process. Know where you stand and what to do about it if you’re not where you wanna be. And if you are, that’s awesome! Good luck either way. You’ve got this.

Needs Assessment – keep your eyes on the prize by organizing your needs from A – Z. Know what side of town you need to be in, if a garage is a deal breaker, and more. Once you’ve filled this out, help your realtor help you by passing it on to them.

Level up:

New Home Buyer’s Guide comprehensive ecourse – the course you never knew you always wanted. We’ll hold your hand through the entire process, walking you through your finances, how to choose the best people to join your team, finding your dream home, sculpting your best offer, and more. You’ll know each of the steps before they come your way so you can rock the home buying game.

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Host – Jeremy Goodrich

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