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You’ve found a single resource to save thousands, avoid expensive mistakes, and learn from a community of experts.

There’s no better way to WIN at buying a home.

The New Home Buyers Guide offers:

A Guidebook

This 40-page book is jam packed with checklists, organizers, and answers to common questions.  It serves as a crucial reference point and journal every steps of the way.

Step-By-Step Videos

There are 9 steps you’ll experience while purchasing a home.  From applying for a mortgage to moving in, 20 easy to understand videos will teach you inside industry secrets for how to make smart decisions that save you money and avoid serious headaches.

A Private Facebook Group

No amount of information will answer all of your questions.  So we created a community that will.  The Facebook group includes realtors, lenders, inspectors, and other experts ready to answer your questions.  It’s also full of other home buyers.  Ask your questions, celebrate your successes, and watch as others do the same.


The First Timer

"We're buying a home for the first time. We're not sure where to start but we want to be in control."

The Second Timer

"I got burned the last time I tried to buy a home. The mortgage process was a mess, my realtor totally ignored me, and it all fell apart in the end. I'm ready to get it right this time."

The Do It Yourselfer

I don't want to be confused, ask dumb questions, or be sold something I'll regret. I want to learn what I need so I can enjoy the process."

We’ll answer questions like:

    • What steps should I take to get the best interest rate on a mortgage?
    • How can I tell the difference between a good realtor and a bad one?
    • What are some ways to get grant money for my down payment?
    • What are common mistakes when making an offer for a new home?
    • What are the biggest reasons home purchase agreements fall apart?
    • What should I pay attention to at the closing and what really doesn’t matter?

It’s time to make decisions like a home buying veteran


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“THANK YOU, I couldn’t have imagined how much this guide was actually going to help.”

Demitri Gordon

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$39.95 one-time only
What's Included?
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